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  • Nuria Prieto

7 Top Hotel Challenges

After all the years working in hospitality interior design, these are some common challenges we found along the way. All of them are common challenges that hotel owners and we, as designers, may face related to hotel design during the process of any new project.

The specific issues can vary depending on the size, location, target audience, and other factors of the hotel. Some problems are quick and easy to sort out and some are complicated and take a long time to resolve. 

In both scenarios, the client does not usually have a contingency budget to deal with these problems.

In the coming weeks, NPrieto Studio will be analysing each of the 7 most common challenges that affect hotel owners:

Limited space:

The hotel owners may face the challenge of maximizing the space available in their hotel while still ensuring that the hotel design is functional, aesthetically pleasing, and meets the needs of their guests.


Building or renovating a hotel can be expensive, and the owners may fight to balance the cost with the design features that are essential to creating a positive guest experience.


A hotel's design plays a critical role in establishing its brand identity. In this case, it´s important to create a design that is consistent with the brand while still meeting the needs and preferences of their guests.

Safety and Security:

It´s fundamental to ensure that the hotel design meets safety and security regulations, including fire safety, accessibility, and emergency evacuation procedures.


A hotel's design can impact its maintenance requirements. It needs to maintain the balance of its design choices with the practicality of maintaining the hotel's features and ensuring that they remain in good condition.

Guest experience:

The hotel design plays a significant role in shaping the guest experience. Hotel owners may struggle to create a design that provides a comfortable, relaxing, and enjoyable environment for their guests while still meeting their operational needs.


Sustainable design features, such as energy-efficient lighting and water-saving fixtures, can help hotels reduce their environmental impact and save money. However, it may be a challenge in implementing these features due to the upfront costs or limitations in the building infrastructure.

Good luck with your project and please contact us, to discuss your design vision, we offer a free no obligation meeting.

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