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We believe that understanding the story behind a space is just as important as its look and feel, and designing for commercial use is more than just understanding the business and service requirements for that space. It is ensuring everything fits together coherently to ensure your customers have the best experience possible.

Of course, each business space, whether a shopping centre, retail store, hotel, restaurant, bar, health centre, office centre, cinema, library, bank or school, will have a very different set of functional needs and requirements. And on top of that, each such space will have requirements coming from its surroundings and history to create a distinctive style. 

A good creative design will respect the history and situation of the commercial space as well as reflect its unique nature and style in its aesthetic creation. However, it is important to allow enough scope for the space to evolve over time to reflect different tastes, styles, uses and legal requirements. This will include intelligent incorporation of telecommunications and technology to be future proof. Although as well as technology, the basic branding elements like brand colour palette will require to be adaptable.

Typically, due to the high traffic to commercial spaces, the design will need to allow for durability with commercial grade fabrics, durable flooring and stain-resistant paint.

Our holistic approach to designing commercial spaces includes consideration of way-finding, process flow, thermal comfort, technology needs, community, movement and material finishes, among others.

If you own, manage or are planning a commercial space that you want to be distinctive and harmonious, as well as addressing the commercial needs of the space, then please feel free to reach out for an initial discovery discussion. 

We can also develop and collaborate with other architects & designers in all phases of your project: Conceptual and Schematic Design, Design Drawings & Design Development, Construction Documentation, Project Consultation, etc.

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